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Fairy Kei

lovely 80s everyday

Fairy Kei on LJ
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Welcome to fairykei!

This community is intended for all fans and lovers of Fairy Kei fashion! Any posts pertaining to this topic are welcomed, whether it be articles, outfit posts, questions or sales.

Fairy Kei is a recent fashion phenomenon from Japan. It has a strong focus on colors (namely pastels and neon hues), which are used in abundance and conjunction with motifs and trends of American childrens' cartoons from the 1980s and early 1990s. Like the name implies, Fairy Kei has a whimsical, cheerful, and pop-cute look and feel, similar to the fantasies in shows like My Little Pony, Jem and the Holograms, and Lady Lovely Locks.

Common articles include baby pink tutus, flowing pastel tops with fluttery sleeves, thigh-hi candy striped stockings, silver ballet flats, an array of plastic food and chunky rainbow jewelery, and of course, cotton candy or mint green colored hair in voluminous pigtails or a cute pixie cut (and throw in some plastic tiaras or bright hair bows for good measure).

This fashion is pretty open to interpretation so long as one sticks to the color scheme of pastels and neons, as well as creating that unicorn-inspired 80s fairy feeling. It can easily be combined with other fashions such as lolita or decora.