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Fairy Kei
lovely 80s everyday
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26th-Mar-2017 12:38 am - _
Hi everyone Add me if you love fairy kei and here are some inspiration spam!

Brands feature WEGO and Spank!

25th-Feb-2015 09:31 pm - New to Fairy Kei
Hi... I'm already a lolita and adore the fashion. Last week at a meet we had a girl wear a fairy kei outfit. I thought it was adorable and went home to look more into the other J-fashion. From my POV it kinda seems like a toned down OTT sweet lolita. Like I could have accessories I would wear for lolita and fairy kei. Also from what I have heard its a considerably cheaper style as it's easier to thrift for than lolita. I also just haven't found a lot of good resources for fairy kei as I have lolita. My basic questions are:
1. Are there any good online resources to learn about fairy kei? (I love youtube if you know any good fairy kei youtubers)
2. What would you tell to someone who is interested in the fashion?
3. Any rules or sub styles like lolita has?
4. Any good diy tips or places to get fairy kei?
5. Just add in any good advice you feel the need to say.

Thanks so much :)
7th-Apr-2013 02:11 pm - Hello Everyone
Hey everyone! My name is Jesse I live in Baltimore, MD I am 23 years old. I have always been interested in Japanese fashion I just started dressing Lolita. But, Then I saw fairy Kei and I LOVE IT. I would like to have a few outfits by the end of the year. I was hoping I could have someone just to help me pick out the fashion and tell me what its all about :3
2nd-Mar-2013 07:31 pm - Diamond Circus?
Today I want to tell you about a little store called Diamond Circus. Diamond Circus is a store that I created late last year. In that shop I mostly sell bows, pins, and some deco stuff. If you're interested then please visit. If you want to know more about it please feel free to ask.

Diamond Circus Store



1st-Jan-2013 11:34 am - Hiiii!!
Hello ^ w ^ my name's Satomi

i'm in love with fairy kei fashion, japanese fashions, lolita, so many to count. i'm fairly new to fairy kei and i'm currently working on my wardrobe

i make my own accessories and such i plan to sell one day too, gosh im terrible at introductions but thats pretty much all i got right now

feel free to send friend requests and what not i wont bite unless you want me too ^ w ^
3rd-May-2012 02:56 pm - ☆Hello☆
My name is Sarah. I'm 13 year old girl from Poland.
I'm in love with
Japanese street fashion; fairy kei, punk clothes (brands like sexpot ReVeNGe) and oshare kei music. ♪
I'm a big fan of
Mashiro from PaRADEiS, ex. Himeyuri. I want to make some of his cosplays and I want have some clothes like him.
My favourite brand is
El Rodeo! I really love this brand! Actually I have a one pin form El Rodeo (form my friend, hehe ♥). I love too SexPot ReVeNGe; I have only one T-shirt. I also like Milklim, Algonquins, Monomania, Peace Now, PMA, HellCatPunks, Listen Flavor and Super Lovers but I haven't any stuff from those brands. I have skirt from Banana Fish, but is too small for me, two pair socks from Angelic Pretty, Tea Party shoes in baby pink color from Secret Shop, wig in half blond and half pink color from MintyMix and pink creepers with hearts from T.U.K. 
I looking for stuff in fairy kei and from my favourite brands!~
Thank you for reading! Feel free to write to me or to send me a friend request.  (*´ω`*)   

18th-Apr-2012 11:11 pm - SnipSnip 1st Mini Give Away ♥
SnipSnip - 1st  Mini Give Away

join! <3Collapse )
13th-Apr-2012 07:22 pm(no subject)
Hi! I'm really new to fairy kei and I would like some advice on shops that ship to the USA that have fairy kei things. thank you <3
22nd-Mar-2012 06:42 pm - Fairy Kei in london?
I'm a beginner, and i'm starting to collect fairy kei style clothing and this summer i'll be going to london, so does anyone know some good places there? ^^

I have two days so I'd really like to make the most of it ^^

Thank you~!
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